Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Teach them young

Written by Makana Hansen

In an effort to be honest, its tough for me to read my scriptures. I'm not sure why. I think it is similar to working out and eating healthy... everyone knows its good for you but not everyone does it consistently. I know this is a weakness and I feel so blessed to have this challenge in my life. 

Why? Why do I feel blessed to struggle with reading the word of God? Well it is simple really. Every day that I do it, I feel powerful. I know I can conquer anything that Satan throws at me. And the thing is, I am powerful when I put God first. That is His promise. 

My husband is really a leader in putting God first. I think my kids get that attribute from him. Last night my 5 yo DD read the story of Ammon from her Book of Mormon. And not just the one about the sheep, but also the one about the Laminates (converted because of Ammon, now called Anti-Nephi-Lehi) burying their swords deep in the earth, covenanting to never again take up arms

That example of the fathers covenanting with God trickled down to the sons. They saw the example of righteousness daily. They were taught the things of God and cultivated for themselves a testimony. And so each day I read my scriptures. My children often see me and while I struggle to do it, I do have a testimony of the power found in seeking His words daily. Last night was a confirmation to me that its trickling down to my children. How thankful I am to my Heavenly Father for the chance to teach these sweet spirits.

Today I hope that even if reading the scriptures are hard for you too, that you may keep trying as I do. Because the example you are to others is a price beyond measure.

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